WTF Friday: Beetleborg


It’s been a great summer for discovering local off the wall builds, and this week I’ve got yet another unique creation from the Durham area.

I’ve spoken pretty highly of the Shake Rabble and Roll Cruise Ins this year, because in addition to be less than a ten minute drive from my front door the variety is pretty impressive for an event that happens every week.

I’ve seen this Volkswagen car/truck hybrid a few times this year and both times I scratched my head a little looking at it.


I have yet to speak to the owner, so I don’t have any hard facts about the build, but I can tell you that peeking between the rear bumper and bed that the motor appears to still be in the rear which leads me to believe that it is still on an air cooled pan.

The length makes me think that it could maybe be bus, but I’m leaning toward Beetle because of the dash and steering wheel position.


The body proportions and panels also suggest a Beetle, a Beetle that has been stretched upwards, but a beetle none the less. The exterior carries a lot of unique steam punk esque accessories as well, just in case there was ever a chance this build would blend in.


A curious car for sure I’ll see about getting some more information on it should the weather hold out and I hit a few more events. If you recognize the car feel free to add some more information below.


  1. That is tight! Love it!
    Looks like Madman Muntz built it.
    Reminds me of the Kaiser/Frazer pickups built by Earl in the 1940’s.
    Just add a pickup bed to a sedan and you have a El Frazer!

  2. Taking a look at the body it looks stock, hence the dash and steering wheel position. The bonnet has been tilted but not stretched and the boot has been left-off in favour of the bed.

    From the looks of the running boards, it looks like a bug body sitting on a Model A frame.

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