Theme Tuesdays: Canadian Leaded Sleds Only


On Sunday I was at two events; the first was the Cars and Coffee Toronto season ender and the second was an all Ford/Mercury show that I took my son too. At the second show I spotted a familiar Lead Kings Canada build that I’ve bumped into all over Ontario.

The Lead Kings are no strangers to this site, as its impossible for me to walk past a build with their plaque and not take a photo I don’t know the “ins and outs” of the entire group and might have lumped a few unofficial ‘Kings cars into this post, but as a whole LKC is more than deserving of a dedicated Theme Tuesday, and much more.

This car gets the distinction of being my introduction to the Lead Kings I heard the plaque dragging up to the parking space
I was pretty luck t be able to take some photos of this Chevrolet at a very small show at my friends cottage


This car is no stranger to the Frontier Ghost Town
This car is no stranger to the Frontier Ghost Town, and this photo ran on the cover of Performance In Motion last year
In 2014 the Lead Kings had a great display at Motorama
This truck belongs to a now 17-year-old builder who is (if I am not mistaken) the son of the owner of the Green flamed Chevrolet
This is the same truck complete at the 2016 Jalopy Jam Up
Local shows are not the only place I have seen the Lead Kings, this photo was taken in Detroit in 2013
Andrew Mair has recently joined up with my friend Keith at Binbrook Speedshop, can’t wait to see what they will build together, he’s also a Lead Kings Canada member
Beautiful Meteor from this year’s Jalopy Jam Up, not sure if it is a Lead Kings car but it’s damn nice
Same can be said for this car, which again I don’t know for sure if it is indeed a Lead Kings Canada car, but it is quite the looker
This car has seen a lot of miles, if the imperfections tell the story



This truck rolled out with a Lead Kings build on Saturday, it might not be a sled but I couldn’t leave it out of this post
Parked roughly across from the truck above at Oshawa’s Autofest this Pontiac fits right in with this week’s theme
When I first posted the photo set of this Mercury someone mentioned to me that the car was going to get completely re-done
Apparently the chop was “all wrong” and there were a few things that needed changing
This is the car now, and while I think it looked good before the deeper blue suits it much better


I’m sure quite a bit has changed to the car beside the roof and the color, and whatever was done was for the better, the car looks great today

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