Theme Tuesdays: Mobile Phone Dump Volume 1


I am going to date myself, and the site, for a minute and go back to October ’09 where the pictures in a post titled Widebody Benz – Street Find actually cost me about five dollars to send from my phone to my computer, and were sub potato quality at the end of it all. Fast forward to today, and I have a camera in my pocket with twice the number of mega pixels than the trusty Rebel XT I started the site with had and its a phone to boot.

As you all are aware I go to my fair share of events, and most get covered here but not all, however I always take at least one photo at any event with my phone. Typically these photos get sent to random people, lost on instagram, or just deleted eventually but that’s kind of a waste so I’m thinking about starting a “Mobile Phone Dump” Theme Tuesday series, and this is part 1.

I took this photo at the only Ajax Cruise Night I’ve been to this year, it’s a Morris Minor if I recall, not sure what is under the hood but the big and littles and Welds make me think something hefty
This Ford was at a show in Tottenham (which I did have my camera for) but instead I shot this awesome driver with my phone on our way out
My wife and I are quite literally in the middle of a Kitchen renovation and we bought appliances from here. Interestingly enough they have a running Monster Truck they use for demos, this one looked like it could have moved many years ago..
Ghia spotted in a small down between here and there though I can’t remember where.
Spotted this wicked Jalopy Jam Up worthy Ford at a Flea Market in Durham
While at Performance Improvements I saw what Project Why Wait could look like if I went all original
Really dig the direction this Nova owner is taking this car. Something a little different for the chassis
At the same show this bagged Fiat 125p showed up for roughly five minutes before leaving
A&D Performance is a Queensway Canadian Tire regular
On the topic of badass Plymouth’s this one was in a local Parade early spring
And this Dart was the weekly Shake Rabble and Roll Monday/Tuesday night cruise ins here in Whitby
In its spot the next week was this gasser esque Firebird
Can’t say I’ve ever seen one quite like this before
And then a few weeks later this lifted Fairlane sat where the Firebird did
Not sure what it is with Durham and gasser influenced muscle but I’m not complaining
Lets bring things back to earth though, with this bagged Advanced design with an interesting quarter cut hood
I’ve seen this car at a few different events and every time I do I like it more, the hood louvers, the flames, the white roof and the steeles all make for a very attractive package
There’s always a few Cobras (or replicas) at Cars and Coffee gatherings at Engineered Automotive
Chased my son around Meeting Of the Mazdas this year, but I did get a chance to check out this speed3 with flares the owner made himself, you can check out the build thread here
At MOM there was also this amazing Cosmo
This is one of few cars that I have only ever seen one of, and it was spectacular

So what do you guys think? Should I keep this theme series going or what?


  1. The Ajax cruise picture is, depending on year, either a Ford Anglia or Popular. The Morris Minor has more a more rounded shape.

  2. Oh yeah, and keep on with the cellphone pics. It’s great if you can break out the proper camera for a good picture, but sometimes you just need to use what you have with you. Years ago, a pro photographer told me that “the best camera is the one you have with you,” which now usually means a cellphone.

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