Theme Tuesdays: Corvettes


Some of the most obvious vehicles fall through the cracks for Theme Tuesdays becsuse in my effort to get creative with the weekly themes I over look some of the most obvious platforms. This time around Corvettes are the most obvious.

By nature most of the Corvettes in today’s post have a performance air about them but there are a few built to just plain look awesome.

I really ought to make a return trip to Legendary Motor Car Company sometime soon to see more gems like this C1
This black beauty, was an actual race car and a feature car on SuperChevy
Another race car, or rather street car/race car split isn’t period correct but rather a new Pro Touring build
There’s a lot of cars in this post from various SEMA shows and this particular House Of Koloa painted car still manages to look outstanding today.
Another SEMA spot, I believe this is (was?) the fastest Street Legal Corvette at the time
I legitimately have no idea if this car was ever completed, might have to do a little digging 
The Optima Street Car Invitational event and Corvettes appear to go together like bread and butter
This is from a more recent SEMA show (2014), the windshield banner suggests this car might hold a surprise or two
Brian Hobaugh’s car actually makes an appearance in the next Fast and Furious movie where it gets destroyed when the team tries to hog tie Dom. I prefer the clip below though:

This obnoxious, but ridiculously awesome car, crossed the block at Barett-Jackson not too long ago
This is pretty well your prototypical C3 Corvette, Torque Thrust style wheels, clean paint, mildly lowered
I included that car because this one, is the same effect just put on the ground
I remember at the time people thought this car was a Photoshop because the idea of air on a Corvette was so offensive… funny how times have changed
This wild Pro Street inspired car was at Autorama in 2013, a show I just returned to this year
One of 2 street legal Greenwood Corvette GTOs care of Jason Langley 
These cars ran a blow through turbo set up and put down an estimated 450 hp
Yet another reason to visit Legendary Motor Car 

As over the top of as the car below is it actually inspired today’s post.

In my opinion if the camber wasn’t so extreme he’d really be on to something.

This was an over 1000 horsepower car if I do recall correctly 
Always did like the color on this car 
Another one from the SEMA show, less in your face than some of the other cars in this post


Going to close things out with this wild Car Porn Racing built machine
If memory serves this car is known as the Black Mamba and is many of today’s latest tuning trends applied to Chevrolet’s immortal sports car


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