Theme Tuesdays: BMW E21s


I was an e30 kid and I suppose still am to some degree. As an e30 kid I didn’t really pay much mind to its predecessor, the e21, until I was older, wiser, more open minded, and coincidentally no longer an e30 owner.

Today, I actually don’t mind the e21, in fact I wish I saw more of them. Sadly they are not the most common things around here. At any rate it is due time they got some focused love here on Stance Is Everything and that’s what this Theme Tuesday aims to do.

Let us start local with a car I last saw at Fitted Lifestyle in 2015
Manolo Velasco has a way with air ride, BMWS, and BBS wheels
Rember the days when sites that ended in ‘.de’ had the coolest cars? Before Google Translate? I feel like this car came from one of those sites
On that note, there will be a lot of BBS wheels in this post
A bit of stop and stare witha heck of a lot of rear tuck
Kustom Kolors UK did this e21 for a female owner
Females seem to have a way with e28s as this one is also female owned – Photo: Slam Sanctuary

Becky’s E28 was quite popular a few years ago thanks to this video:

This one is pretty cool as well, though far less cinimatic

Lots of BBS wheels, like I said, they just work on these cars. It helps in this instance they are under an extremely clean Alpina model
This one is apparently on hydraulics though I couldn’t find any photos of the set up – Photo: Red Eleven Media
How about a wide body e21?
This time capsule is powered by a 1990 525i motor, the old for sale ad is here. Hopefully someone kept this one around
5.8L Chevy powered Pro Street e21, pretty damn wild
Certainly a lot of blue but, pretty rad. A more robust feature on the car is here on
A great looking Alpina, with what look to be molded flares and of course M colors
M colors also appear here, on an e21 that is a little a typical
I actually really, really, want to go to a tractor pull so I am all about this – Photo: Rudy Linthorst
Dr. Power Stage V campaigns this car in the Netherlands
Carline wheels look good under pretty well everything
M50 swaps are fairly common for e30s, but I’m not so sure if the same can be said for e21s, the Fast Car Feature is here
It’s always cool to see people take inspiration from the Porsche RS and twist it a bit
This car also has sports an S50, so it should go pretty well. – Via:

No European car based Theme Tuesday is quite complete without a 2JZ swapped drift machine is it?

I’d just like to close this out by saying yes, I am one of those weirdos that actually don’t find square headlight conversions in early 3 series revolting, especially when its a car fitted with an e30 m3 s14 motor -Photo: CiprianMihai


  1. They do tractor pull competitions at the West Niagara Fair every year. I haven’t been since they moved from Smithville to Grassie, but the ones I remember were pretty awesome. They also do a demolition derby. And the event is not crazy packed like some of the GTA events. You’re free to move around and even check some of the tractors out (At least the last time I was out, which was about 4 or 5 years). Cheap to get in as well. No schedule posted on the website yet, but it’s set for September 7th

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