Event Coverage: Cars And Coffee July 2017


The first Cars and Coffee of 2017, while good, was one of the coldest events I’ve been to in recent memory. The second I had to miss because of a conflict with the Truck And Tuner Expo so I was glad to hear that the July event was happening despite the first Sunday of the month falling on a long weekend.

Last year, a long weekend would have bumped C&C to next month, but this year Engineered Automotive (the C&C hosts) decided to go ahead and host an event anyway.

The weather was great, and thus the turn out was great. The variety of cars, and the crowd, were on par with what I’ve come to expect from this event.

Cars and Coffee is always a great way to spend a quick few hours on a weekend, and not having to go to work the next day just made it all the better.

One of the most talked about vehicles of this event was the silver Ford F-100 below formerly owned by comedian Tim Allen. The truck is a complete custom, with no panel untouched, and still looks pretty damn good considering it was finished (at least for the first time) over twelve years ago.

Previously super charged, the truck is now N/A with individual throttle bodies. The headers on this truck are some of the largest I’ve ever seen under the hood of, well, anything.

Hats off to whoever fabricated them and snaked them in there.

The XJ220 that stole the season opening event remains parked at Engineered Automotive. I’m not sure if this is the big cat’s permanent home but it was positioned in a better position for photos this time around.

I’m curious if the car is in running condition, perhaps at the next Cars And Coffee the EE crew will fire the car up for everyone to hear? One can only hope.

While the XJ220 sat inside, outside a few cats were on the prowl (sorry) including the stunning E-Type above.

Also positioned outside was this white on white XJS. Now, I know next to nothing about most classic Jaguars but I have a sneaking suspicion that this one isn’t anywhere near stock.

If it is indeed a TWR model this car could make at least 750 to the wheels. Mighty impressive for a car that most of the road going public would never expect to make anywhere near that much horsepower.

Speaking of cars most people would underestimate, this EP82 Starlet would certainly fall in said category.

It’s the only one I’ve seen in Ontario, which makes it stand out on that fact alone, but the owner has also done an considerable amount to the car in all areas.

The motor is where the bulk of the work has been focused and the car now puts down a dyno proven 240hp and 195tq to the wheels on a ‘break in’ tune of 16psi.

The rest of the modifications to the car center around being able to handle all that power and put it down more or less effectively.

It’s a rally styled car, which means it can blast over the worst of Toronto’s roads with no issue. The owner mentioned that this generation of Starlet is pretty popular overseas so I just might have to keep the EP82 in mind for a future Theme Tuesday.

I didn’t get the opportunity to get an idea of the modifications done to either of the Minis above but they both looked really fun to drive.

I’ve got to try and figure out a way to get behind the wheel of one of these some day.

Gill from the Scraped Crusaders spotted this Porsche 951 at an event a few weeks ago and I remember it specifically because he posted it up with a pretty tongue in cheek comment about street cars and chassis mount wings.

Gil recently swapped his Hartge bumper for an AC Schnitzer piece. Apparently the AC bumper is a bit lower to the ground and according to the ‘gram he’s got the matching rear on route.

It’s honestly been at least four years since I’ve seen the R32 above and it took me a few moments to put together exactly which car it was.

Seemingly eons ago (2011) John Fiddy used to compete in CSCS with this car.

Prior to its ‘disappearance’ the car looked like it ran well (as evidenced above) but the exterior was certainly showing the affects of years of hard-driving.

Completely redone at this point the car looks great, and it’s nice to see a memorable local car return to glory rather than fade into memory.

My absence at CSCS events in recent years means I have not been able to personally see people I used to see several times a year. One of those people is Spenser, the previous owner of an Orange EG that was the subject of one of my favorite build threads ever.

Now he owns the red Evo above that I’ll probably take photos of every time I see it as well.

Announcing that you can take down Vipers is something you need to be able to back up, and from what I’ve heard this C6 is capable of doing just that.

I think this car might just be wearing a Supervettes widebody kit, but I’m not enough of a C6 aficionado to know for sure. I do however know that those are super wide 345 section width tires in the rear.

This Cars and Coffee event marks the first time I’ve seen the “DiezelRat” C10 truck not at a truck specific show.

This big ‘ol truck is powered by a Cummins diesel that explains the blackened roof. The owner of the truck owns a landscaping company so there’s a good chance you might see this car rolling around pulling lawn mowers and the like.

For the Next Cars and Coffee Engineered Automotive is doing something a little different and hosting an evening event. Hopefully the crowd and maturity level remains the same, and if you want to check out the night time atmosphere of the event it takes place August 11th from 8pm to 11pm.

Here’s a few more photos from this months event until then.

See you at the next one.


  1. Great variety and photos.
    Thought I knew about most Porsche chassis codes, but the 951 is new to me, pretty awesome car.

  2. MAN! I’m super jealous. I’m not sure if I can get the DeLorean to any Cars N Coffee events! I’ve missed all of them so far and can’t Make August. Do they usually do a September show? I’ve always LOVED the massive variety of cars. Rat rods, supercars, classics, modified, it’s all there.

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