Theme Tuesdays: Slammed Trucks


I’m not going to lie this Theme Tuesday is the direct result of Suicide Doors/ Jason Thorbecke recently posting some outstanding progress photos of the International Loadstar he’s building between being a father and running a business.

Seeing photos truck rapidly sent me down a rabbit hole that contained not just International Loadstars, but International trucks of all types.

Davey Terry’s ’39 International Hot Rod is local, and I last saw it at Motorama in 2015
At that time it wasn’t quite yet ready for the road
Since these photos the truck has been made street legal, and I really need spend some time with it in front of my lens
Obviously I can’t do an International Theme Tuesday without a few photos of Rob’s International Loadstar
As cliche as it is to say this truck literally (well as literally as you can without physically hurting people) breaks necks wherever it goes.
Years later I am still trying to take a photo as cool as this one Steve Wharton took of Rob’s truck when it had a two door cab
Under the (literal) shadow of Loadstars and Internationals other large truck offerings Harvesters might not get the respect they deserve
They do however take well to being patina and an altered altitude
Their beds are similar to other trucks of that era, but the front ends are truly unique being darn near completely flat
Supremes and thin whites, I will forever be a sucker for that combination
The owner, Zach (@coonasszach) , also hauls around a pretty cool teardrop trailer with the truck
This shortened ’49 9 International KB6 rides on a Chevy 1500 chassis
It also gets an astonishing 10″ of lift that makes it almost look like an ATV with a body. A full run down of the truck is on 
This Loadstar popped up in a Facebook group that I am a part of called Primer Rust and Rat Rods, it’s small block Chevy 350 powered
Restored or modified vintage firetrucks are always cool and this R185 International was saved from the crusher via a Ford chassis and a few builders – Photo:
The roof has been chopped and the bed is new to the truck as the original firetruck pumper is long gone – Photo:
This particular Loadstar was a family farm vehicle that the owner decided needed to have a proper retirement – Photo:
It’s pretty cool that the bed retains what I’ll assume is a grain spreader
It looks just plain awesome laid out – Photo:
Mobsteel built the Gangstar (You Know My Steez) for SEMA in 2015 – Photo:
The super single rear wheels on this truck really give it an interesting look, in addition to the white frame and bare metal colored cab of course – Photo:
I imagine this truck was the subject of the Mobsteel/Detroit Steel show (at least for a little bit) but sadly we don’t get it in Canada – Photo:
If you’re not following Jason Thorbecke’s International build I highly suggest you do
Should further convincing be necessary, take a look at the chassis! The only place (I know of) to follow it is via his Instagram @jason_thorbecke

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