WTF Friday: Brit-American Tricycle


A few years ago cars converted to trikes, (specifically Fieros) showed up in several  WTF Friday posts. Then, some might say thankfully, things tapered off for a little bit and I stopped seeing eyebrow raising trikes quite so often.

Well, crazy trikes are still out there, and the trike featured today is the unholy union of the back half of a Camaro the front/mid section of an MG and the handle bars and fork of an 80s or so street bike.

From an execution stand point this is far from the worst home built trike I have ever seen. The body work is pretty decent considering, and suggest the builder knows what they are doing in that regard.

It’s a big bug eye looking but it doesn’t look particularly wavy which is an accomplishment considering the physical differences between all the donor vehicles.

The screaming eagle flames are quite fitting (‘merica!) and decently done. Like most car/trikes this one has no doors or roof to speak of, and it looks like the seat is the rear bench straight out of a rather than the MG.

Actually, there really isn’t a whole lot of MG in the car I can make out outside of the windshield and headlights.

Currently for sale in Georga ($6500 USD if you were wondering) the owner will also take a bike with a sidecar as a trade. Something tells me that he might be hanging on to this one though.


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