Theme Tuesday: 2018 Canadian International Autoshow Wheel Gallery


The 2018 Canadian International Autoshow is currently running now through February 25th at the International Center in downtown Toronto.

Like the previous five or so years I had the privilege of being accepted as media. Being able to attend the show before the massive, record beaking,  crowds is always appreciated.

Broader coverage of the event will of course be coming later this week, but in the meantime here’s a quick wheel gallery I was able to pull together from the forthcoming coverage.

OZ Racing Superturismo GT wheels under a Fiat Rally car
Crazy looking wheels on the Toyota i-Tril a unique tilting two-seater car Toyota debuted in 2017
The new Porsche 911 Turbo S 20″ wheels. These wheels use a center locking system and a two-tone finish. These wheels are nearly as impressive as the massive brakes they sit in front of.
Enkei RS05RRs underneath Can Jam Motorsports “Black Storm” which was on display in a room dedicated to tuners
This is a bit of a combo breaker, with the angle the photo is shot at, but shout out to Mazda Canada for bringing this killer line up of their most well-known classics
The lightweight 18″ wheels on the Dodge Demon are shod in hefty 315/40/18 tires
This ’69 GT 40 was one of the highlights of the always popular ‘Auto Exotica’ room at the Autoshow
Mills Motors brought out another one of their crazy lifted GMCS on Matttracks, not exactly wheels but a noteworthy addition to this gallery 
There will be lots of Pagani Huayra photos in the forthcoming coverage
The Koenigsegg Agera RS is an easy highlight of the show, this car is… ridiculous to say the least
End things off with the ultra light wheels that sit under the AMG Project One

Check back later this week for more coverage from the 2018 Canadian International Autoshow.


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