Theme Tuesdays: ‘First’ On Air


Saying ‘first’ on the internet always causes a bit of controversy. Especially when it comes to car modifications. Typically the instant you say you’re first somebody, somewhere, says their brother’s friend’s sister’s cousin did it before you.

That’s what made the “Anyone else the first person to ever bag your specific car?” post on The Bagged Board so interesting. While there may have been a little posturing, for the most part, people who contributed were within the first three to put their chassis on the ground.

There were even a few legitimate one of ones.

One Of Few

David Caron started the post, and he was the first SVX on air, quickly followed by approximately four afterward – Photo: Dave Caron
There have been a few bagged limos but David Withrow figures he’s one of the few with this generation  – Photo: David Withrow
Similarly, I don’t imagine there are a tremendous number of bagged Hi-Aces  – Photo: Jackson Healey
This Fusion, which I’ve seen at SEMA and The Air Lift Performance Facility is one of few of its kind

Steve Gyrbell’s ’72 Corvette just might be the only one of it’s kind but he hasn’t actively looked to see if there are more

One Of The First

Paul Tait has the the first bagged 6th generation Accord SIR, which is drilling down really far, but it’s really cool  – Photo: Paul Tait
Alfred Acosta’s Jeep is one of the few in this post I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person
Though it was a night and oddly missing a taillight
Here’s a better photo of the entire Jeep  – Photo: Alfred Acosta
Another bagged and bodied Jeep, owned by Russell Barnes this turck looks crazy  – Photo: Russell Barnes
He’s putting an SRT 8 drive line in it as well  – Photo: Russell Barnes
Dean Thurman’s dad bagged and bodied one of the first quad Cab Dodges  – Photo: Dean Thurman
Jamie Webster posted what he said was the first bagged second generation Ford Lightnings  – Photo: Jamie Webster
Rodeo’s are so rare and this was the first bagged and body dropped one –  Photo: Brian Splawn
Craig Christian’s ’59 Mercury Monterey  – Photo: Craig Christian
The first 4th gen Fourrunner bagged  – Photo: Tony Rispoli

One Of One

It’s pretty cool that the first –and only– bagged H3 was built right here in Ontario
Last I saw it, it was white but who knows what it will roll out as this year
I’ve posted Sean Veva’s 454 SS before, or at least thought of it, I love this truck – Photo: Sean Veva
I always assumed the chassis was fairly straight forward but it looks like I was quite wrong – Photo:Sean Veva
Jim Harbe has the only, actual, bagged Syclone, the rest are clones or Sonoma GTs maintaining the all wheel drive angles at ride height is what has caused the camber laid out – Photo: Jim-hrabe
I feel safe in saying AJ Hoover’s Subaru is the only SBC swapped bagged Legacy, with no roof – Photo: AJ Hoover
It’s certainly unique – Photo: AJ Hoover
Miles is definitely the only bagged Isuzu NPR
Richard Peterson figures he just might own the only bagged 56 Hudson Hornet – Photo: Richard Peterson

If you want to dispute some of these claims, or join in on the conversation, hit up The Bagged Board on Facebook


  1. Hey. Although I’m grateful for the picture of my Rodeo, and the props’ I have to correct you. My Rodeo was the second, by a nose, to Miles’s (the same builder credited for the NPR above). He deserves the creds for being first. Mine was, however, the first Isuzu bodied on 22’s. – Sponge

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