Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ The Sparks Fly: Part 5


Taking a trip back to an old favorite with this fifth edition of the Lettin’ The Sparks Fly Theme Tuesday series.

This series remains a favorite of mine because no matter how you do it throwing sparks just plain looks cool. And at the end of the day, for better or worse, I’m just a guy that likes things that look cool.

Start things off with something from No Regrets Australia, their old “Party Van”
Drift sparks are a rare appearance in this series, but a welcome one – Photo: Bannana JDM
Literally down to the wire. – Photo: Yan Photography
This Ghia showering the streets with sparks was captured by Tom Wheatley Photography
Lowriders don’t throw sparks all the time, but when they do… – Photo:
Kevin Dickson dragging his Extreme Blazer
Earnest Hicks doing the same with his full size Blazer
You guys know I can’t do a post like this without at least one first gen S dime – Owner: Bobby Eiland
Another one, owned by Mike Schaefer
Ron FS Lara’s Primer C10 laying a thick trial of sparks
Loaded c10s are a popular choice for rippin’ up road dots – Owner: Cameron Jag
This C10 is absolutely hammered, not a single care was given – Photo: Texas House Of Threads
I think this is the only time I’ve knowingly posted a girl throwing sparks
Truck does a damn good job of lighting it the way – Photo: Heather Pendleton
Derek Baehr out for a rip – Photo: Craig Rusboldt Photography
I don’t see a lot of bagged and bodied Trailblazers/Envoys
RJ Swanson owns this one that clearly lays out hard as hell
Oscar Sierra the third holding it down for the full size Ford contingent
Roman Briones laying his truck out on the road
You’ve got to look awful close but there’s a spark or two under this truck
Last but certainly not least a great looking Silverado painting the down yellow – Photo: DGower Photography

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