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Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ The Sparks Fly: Part 5

A Theme Tuesday Favourite returns for a fifth round. Check out all these slammed rides throwing sparks from all over the internet.

Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ The Sparks Fly: Part 4

Drew a blank this week thinking of a new theme, so I'm falling back to familiar territory with part 4 of the 'Lettin' The...

Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ The Sparks Fly: Part 3

In the middle of a few Theme Tuesday ideas right now so I decided to fall back to all old faithful topic this week. Funny in Part 2 of this series I was debating the switch to air and that I have it I have yet to produce any dragging photos...something to try out on my winter wheels (Works would tear my quarters to shreds) perhaps.

Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ The Sparks Fly: Part 2

Lately a number of people have been subtly (and not so subtly) suggesting that I should make the switch to air. While I have yet to make up my mind one way or the other I will say that the idea of having the ability to lay sparks down whenever I feel like is pretty damn appealing.

Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ the sparks fly

One of the hardest things I have ever tried to do is explain to friends and co workers who are not really into cars is why exactly I, and people like me, enjoy seeing a low vehicle leave a trail of sparks in it's wake while traveling at high speed. Of course to a lot of rational people this act is counter productive and downright dangerous and that's probably why I like it. Life is short right?

Theme Tuesdays: Car Gifs

Since the 'Drifting Gif' Theme Tuesday I've had a bumpercrop of various automotive gifs floating around on my hard drive and today I am going to post all of those that are not racing related. You will probably have to be a little patient and let this one load a minute. I'm sure posting a page of only gifs is not exactly on the list of things to do to decrease page load times.