Theme Tuesdays: Work CR-Kai Appreciation


When it comes to relatively affordable, great looking, light, single piece wheels of reputable manufacture the Work CR-Kai wheel stands among heavy weights (in the figurative sense) like the Enkei RPF-1 and the almighty Volk TE37.

Truth be told I like the CR-Kai more than either of those wheels and wouldn’t hesitate to run a set on nearly any vehicle I see myself owning in the near future.

A Theme Tuesday dedicated to this versatile, timeless, wheel is long overdue.

There’s no better way to start this post off than with a set of CR-Kais on a truck. Any wheel that works (ha!) equally well on cars and trucks is noteworthy
These wheels don’t just work on Datsun trucks either, check out this B2200 laying frame over CR Kais
If leading off with two trucks wasn’t unique enough how about CR-Kais on a Thunderbird? Straight out of left field but works pretty damn well – Photo: (which is sadly no more)
Keeping with the ‘vehicles I didn’t expect to CR-Kais on for 100’ how about this Cobalt?
Mustang’s wear CR Kai wheels quite well too
The number of third generation Supras I come across is far too low, this car looks awesome
@sw20_Lucas sold his CR Kais shortly after his Toyota MR-2 was fully painted, which is a bit of a shame because they looked great
An older 5er squashed on CR Kais
The elusive Saabaru 92x, sitting pretty on white CR-Kais
I absolutely love how this R33 Skyline looks on CR Kais Photo: 86 Fighters
This R34 looks great on Kais too, both cars are to the point with no frills – Photo:
Simple and clean, as things were in 2011
Another throwback, this time to 2010, with these Asphalt Grey CR-Kais on a stuffed s2000
I am still a big fan of CR Kai wheels on Mazda 3s
Looking at this photo now makes me really want a set CR kais for my car in 18×9 et 38ish sizing
A clean local NSX keeping it simple on CR Kais
This E class looked great at CM a few years ago. (These might be CR Ultimates)
This Chaser looks absolutely fantastic on CR-Kais, love the paint too, great at color- Photo: Audi Quattro2
Super clean s13 ready for the street or the track – Photo:
An equally clean S14 on the wheel of the day – Photo:
And completing the s chassis set… – Photo:
Many a Subaru has been on CR Kai wheels and most look great. – Photo Ryan A. Lopez
Similarly many an IS300 has looked great on CR-Kais, to bring things full circle this car, which I saw recently, inspired this entire post

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