WTF Friday: Pro Street Double Up


The pro street era was slightly before my time, but it’s easily one of my favorite periods of car modification. Pro street cars look like drag cars, they sound like drag cars and they often make the power of drag cars but most will never see a quarter-mile.

Caged, with fully trimmed interiors, miles of chrome and immaculate paint these cars are quite literally rolling excess. Engineering marvels built to specifically to be over the top. “Peak” pro street may have passed, but there are still people building cars befitting of the pro street golden years.

One builder still putting cars together in pro street fashion Brad Gray, of the Blown Mafia. Twin charged cars are his game and I saw two of his in person at the Detroit Autorama.

Another person holding it down for the Pro Street era is Gary Kollofski. Gary is putting one of the craziest motors in a tri-five that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen my fair share of crazy tri-fives, crazy motors, and crazy motors in tri-fives.

So what’s Gary putting under the hood? Well, two v12s. Yes, that’s 24 cylinders inside of a car that usually has 8.

The 24 cylinder is actually made up of two 5L BMW M70 motors joined in the middle. Looking at the picture above you can see that they are essentially mirrored and to be frank it’s completely overwhelming.

Like I said, I’ve seen some crazy motors, but this one is a monster.

Given the amount of custom work that goes into a car like this, it’s been a long-term project for Gary, but no matter how long it takes there’s going to be nothing else quite like it when he’s done.

If the motor wasn’t crazy enough, being a pro street car, Gary is going to trim the entire vehicle out as a car fit for the show and street.

Now, unfortunately I can’t link you to any sort of build thread on the car because those are quickly becoming extinct, but I can link you to Facebook where I found the car.

Gary optimistically aims to have his Chevy finished by the end of the year. Hopefully he posts updates regularly because I’m interested to see how it turns out. Hopefully you are too.

I wonder what kind of numbers it would put down on the dyno…

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