Theme Tuesdays: Ford Econolines


A few days ago, while I was watching Noriyaro’s most recent Dagiban video, and it occurred to me that I have not done a van related Theme Tuesday in years. But, not wanting to directly steal from Noriyaro I’m going to go left and focus on Econlines instead of Dodge Vans.

Why Econolines? Well, why not? Early Econlines were designed in an era where it was incredibly common for axles to sit under occupants and the motor between the driver and passenger. This configuration created a unique look common between VW busses, Corvairs, Dodge A-100s and of course the star of today the Ford Econoline.

That drive-line positioning can make lowering thse vans a bit of a mission, but, where there’s a will there’s a way. Thankfully all of these owners found both the will and the way.

We’re going to start this one of tame and get crazier as we go. This one looks pretty good dropped over one of the most common wheels of the early 90s
Note sure if this local project was ever finished, but the Corvette wheels certainly made it an intriguing project
The “Tinman” from Vanfest 2018
I feel like I let all of you down but not realizing there was a wheel standing Econoline in Ontario while this site has been in operation

While, not technically a van, I couldn’t leave this one out, it looks sick
Steel wheel (widened in the rear), pinstriping, and some low and these vans look way better than they did from the factory
Judging the by the wheels and the watermark I’d wager a minitrucker had a part in this one
I absolutely love this Econoline shot by Tyma Photo
The wide slot mags really make it Photo: Tymaphoto
The darket accents around the bodylines work well on this van, gives it a cool kustom vibe
The added vintage lettering just puts the whole thing over the top
Pro Street Econolines scratch an itch I honestly didn’t know I had
Especially the 454 packing variety
American Muscle Photography spotted this very American wheel stander in 2013, sadly I can’t find video of it running
This is a later van, obviously, but the only of its kind I have seen this low
A little SEMA style thanks to Rob McJannett and Performance Improvements
Perhaps the only traditionally styled lowrider econoline?
In the world of custom vans, Vango is unquestionably one of the best – Photo:

This video from Hoonigans breaks down the iconic van extremely well.

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