Theme Tuesdays: Exploring The Details at the Majestics BBQ


I’ve been going to at least one lowrider BBQ a season for the past six years. If you think I’d get tired of the events you couldn’t be further from the truth.

I absolutely love them, still. The atmosphere, the music, I’ve gone over all of this before. If you’ve never been you ought to go. Because I’ve covered the event so many times this year I’ve decided to take a macro approach and post just detail shots here on SIE.

It’s a bit different than how I normal present every coverage, but detail shots work great in a lowrider space. It’s also a great way for me to package up some event coverage into a succinct little Theme Tuesday.


If you want to see my more traditional coverage of this event I did two posts over on Speedhunters. A general event one, and one breaking down the science of hoppers.


  1. Love the kind of detail you see on low riders. I was looking at a Caprice at a local show that was up on three wheels and among the fabulous paintwork I noticed the nuts and bolts on the suspension were plated and engraved. Insane attention to detail you mostly don’t see on other style of vehicles.

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