Theme Tuesdays: Engine Bays Of Drift Jam


Because following up the tremendous job my son did covering Drift Jam is no easy feat, I’m going to forgo standard coverage in favor of an engine bay specific Theme Tuesday.

It’s been some time since I’ve done one of these, so if you’re curious to see what’s under the hood of some of the cars at the newest drift event in Ontario, take a look.

Alex Lachance went with heavy flake for this 1JZ swapped FC with some heavy flake.
1JZ_Fox and his Mustang smoke machine
LS all the things
@josh_fabmac started the year with an LSA supercharger….
…but ended it with an East Coast Supercharger
@thedrewmclean’s 2JZ E46 Touring
The novelty of seeing a MK3 Supra drift has still not worn off

One of the fanciest painted engine bays in the entire series
Unfortunately I only got to see this v10 s2000 at one event this year
It was great to see in action none the less
Grass Roots Motorsports sports this turbo LS powered 350z
And of course NV Auto‘s Riley Sexsmith pilots this 2JZ FR-S. Which he also took to second place in pro 2 this year

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