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Last week I had a request for an old photo and on Sunday I went on a crate dive looking for the original file. One thing lead to another and I ended up digging a little deeper, and then even deeper still.

During that dive, I came across a V10 powered Dodge Challenger project and posted it on Instagram. Naturally I asked Boot Hill Auto Resurrection if the car was ever finished.

Boot Hill didn’t respond, but one of their employees did and oddly enough work resumed (5 years later) the day before I posted the photo.

Fate? Coincidence, who knows, but either way I’m going to see if lighting will strike again with a few more builds that I’ve lost track of over the years.

Turbo H22 Powered Fiat X19

This is a car I saw way back in 2011 and have never seen it again. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen another Fiat X19 again. If I have, it obviously didn’t leave an impression like this one.

From body to turbocharged Honda power plant this car was incredibly unique through and through.

Looking back, I’d say it’s pretty over the top, but I admire the creativity. I can’t imagine a car like this blending in anywhere, so I’m really curious where it may have gone.

LS Powered, Body Dropped Nova

Looking at this car, you might be wondering why I’m posting it. Novas in general are not all that uncommon, but in comparison to other years, late 70s ones are far less common. Some might say they are the ugly duckling of an otherwise pretty well put together Nova family.

Regardless of the general consensus bagged, bodied, and fit with an LS I always thought this particular car was pretty cool.

In reality of all the cars on this list this one probably has the greatest chance of still being around, I just haven’t seen it since.

Bagged, Convertible Ford Ranger

Convertible trucks have always been a bit of a rare breed. From what I understand the second you consider putting a roof back on them they leak, so it’s better to just commit and go topless all the time.

If memory serves this Ranger had no provisions for a roof so the owner clearly committed 100%.

There was a lot of work put into this truck. A motor swap, the aforementioned convertible conversion and even a tail light swap. It would be a shame if this truck was parted out and sent off to the big crusher in the sky.

I know there isn’t a huge market for minitrucks, especially partially finished ones, so hopefully this is just under some clothes in a garage somewhere.

Bagged, Rear Wheel Drive, Dodge Dart Coupe Frame

How much of a vehicle do you need for it to be considered a project? That’s a rhetorical question, but this back half is probably pushing it.

Never the less Ash Pratt had big plans for this chassis, wanting to put it underneath a two door converted PF chassis Dodge Dart.

I have not heard anything of the project the second Northern Showdown that year so I can only assume it was shelved indefinitely. Life sometimes has a way of doing that, despite best intentions.

Hybrid, Hydraulic, Air Suspension ‘S10’ Chassis

I wasn’t going to post this frame again, but, after including the back half above I think it’s appropriate. When this chassis hit the International center floor everyone stopped to take a look.

The creativity, fit, and finish are still incredible, roughly five years later. The chassis still hits a number of Facebook groups a year with people wondering exactly how it all works.

If you’re also curious, two of the bags in the rear lifted the back of the truck, while the other two push hydraulic fluid to a pair of rams up front to provide lift.

Originally built for an S10 the chassis Gary Donkers still has it and at last check he wanted to put it under a Toyota instead of an S10.

Coyote Powered F-100

It seems like trucks projects have a way of winding up, unfinished. Which is unfortunate considering I’m building a truck of my very own. But, I remain hopeful that my truck, along with all of the others in this post will some day get finished.

This truck was interesting for a few reasons. The motor, which was quite new at the time, being one, and the interior being the other. Looking at the photo, clearly there were plenty of dots left to connect, but crazier dots have been connected.

The twin tube back half was really interesting too, and it looks like that continued up under the cab and all the way to the tube front end.

Viper Powered S15

Start with a V10 project, end with a V10 project. If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time then you know I include this car somewhat often in posts like this.

The back burner this car was placed on has likely been turned off at this point but I don’t think it’s been scrapped yet.

At current I have nothing to base that on but there’s no harm in being optimistic rather than pessimistic right?

Hopefully I come across a few of these projects sometime down the road because they’re all pretty interesting. Who knows maybe reading this will give reinvigorate a build or two.

If one of these is yours, let me know how it’s going in the comments.

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