Nissan TB48 4.8L Swapped Datsun 240Z


Splitfire Performance is known in Ontario for building some of the quickest Imports in the area. Owner, and turbo guru Paul Bhawan has been racing his 1978 Datsun 240z for over twenty years.

The car started racing here in Ontario with a Grand National Turbo V6 between the fenders. Then, in an effort to keep things all Nissan an RB26 replaced the Chevy powerplant.

When that wasn’t enough a Nissan Patrol tb48 4.8L straight six was bored and stroked to 5.7L and dropped into place.

The straight six powered version of the car debuted at Motorama in 2018 featuring a ton of Vibrant Performance components and a Pro Mod Gen 2 Precision Turbocharger.

Backed by a 5-speed Liberty transmission the car dynoed at over 2000hp.

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1979 datsun 280zx testing

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The car runs a 7 second quarter mile and looks damn good doing it thanks to a show quality fit and finish.

Swap Details:
  • Motor: Nissan TB48DE
  • Transmission: Liberty transmission
  • Turbocharger: Precision Turbocharger 98 mm Pro Mod Gen 2
  • Horsepower: 2000

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