Toyota 2JZ Swapped Hyundai Genesis


Depending on your point of view the 2JZ is either becoming, or has become, the Import version of the LS V8. It’s a motor that you never quite know where it will pop up next.

Regardless of where it appears next, it’s probably going to end up there with a hefty size single turbo.

Despite its prevalence, I must admit I was surprised to find a 2JZ hiding under the hood of a street worthy Hyundai Genesis.

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Well it's official. My genesis is swapped with a 2jz. After alot of money and alot of work done to this car it's finally running. Thanks to @samhrespeed for doing a big part in helping me. And to all my friends that helped. Can't be any more happier. @sickspeed @sickspeedofficial @foreignfury @toorealcrew @hyundaigenesiscoupe @gen_coupes @gencoupecanada @genesismofia @gentlemendrivers_official @hyundailifestyle1 @hyundai_worldwide @supercar.reposter @prestige_hypercars @jdstufff @jdm4life_2k19 @jdmdrug @jdm_bassie @jdmtype @jdmoutlaw @calories.hub @prestige_hypercars @carthrottle @carsponsors @car_vintage @cars.unity @carguythings_ #slammed #carlifestyle #hyundai #hyundaigenesis #hyundaigenesiscoupe #jdm #jdmcars #kdm #kdmstance #kdmsociety #kdmnation #kdm_genesis #kdmlegacy #kdmworld @valiantsracing @foreignfury @519london #519ldn @2jz_ftw @2jz_gang @2jz_nation #2jz #2jzswap #2jzgte #2jzpower #2jznoshit

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While not completely finished, the car is currently sporting a single turbo conversion and supported by an owner built set of motor and transmission mounts.

Progress can be followed via the owner’s Instagram, @that_white_genny.

In typical 2JZ fashion, yes it does shoot flames.

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