Mazda 13b Rotary Powered Datsun 1600


When it comes to unique engine notes rotary motors, despite their ‘faults, are pretty well unbeatable. The brap-brap-brap at idle really sings when you get into it.

Horsepower Techs obviously loved that sound because they chose to install a a 13b into their very nice looking Datsun 1600 drag car.

Behind the motor looks to be a transmission with at least a few Liberty components.

Connected to the end of that transmission is, well, nothing because this car wasn’t complete when I spotted the car.

Vibrant Performance components have been used to connect, what has so far been connected and for a bit of bling everything has been given a nice polish.

Oh there’s a turbo hanging off the side of the motor as well. Because at this point, why not?

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