WTF Friday: They Shoot Horses Don’t They?


As of this week Ford reveled their 2018 version of the iconic Mustang. While not a huge departure from the previous model it is receiving a bit of criticism both for its looks and available options which have dropped the previously criticized v6 from the lineup in favor of the boosted four-cylinder Ecotec.

However no matter what Ford designers and engineers intend to do with the Mustang from today and into the future they are never going to receive the levels of criticism the builder of this Mustang no doubt received the instant these photos originally hit the internet.

Custom built, if it wasn’t for the unmolested roof line and door scoops I probably wouldn’t be able to tell what the base of this vehicle was.

Fiberglass and body filler, in extremely large amounts, look to be the materials of choice used in this cars creation with copious amounts of chicken wire thrown in for good measure, and probably holding some of that fiberglass together.

In these photos it looks like the car was sitting awhile, likely abounded after the builder moved on to another project after realizing just how deep they got into this one with no finish line in sight.

Or maybe it was a shop project for a customer who simply ran out of money.

Either way in the photos above the car is seen gutted interior (presumably because race car) with a fuel cell where the spare tire was (again because race car) looking quite sorry for itself.

No amount of googling could turn up where this car came from, or where it went, but perhaps that’s for the best… some things were just never meant to be and I think this project was one of those.


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