WTF Friday Answer: VW karmann ghia and…


On Friday I posted 2 cars and asked wtf they were. Mike Burroughs from StanceWorks correctly guessed the second car as a VW karman ghia which is a neat little coupe produced by VW from 1955 to 1974. However what was the second boxy looking vehicle? Well…

All I need is a name
All I need is a name

No one was able to correctly guess it what it was and when I found it the picture was un labled. One message board I am a a part of a member guessed that it might be a Daihatsu so I spent some time looking at those to try and confirm but I couldn’t find one that looked exactly like this one in body style only similar looking onces. I also thought maybe it was a year of Ford Festiva I was familiar with, or maybe a European edition, but the body is different still. So I regret to inform you that I don’t know what this little dropped recycling box is but hopefully one of you do, lets solve this mystery together!

VW karman ghia youtube finds


  1. the lil box is either an early daihatsu cuore or a domino, my mate had a 4door domino as a work horse and he abused the hell outta it, but it just kept on and on into well over the 125,000mile mark and im sure it was only an 850cc engine!
    its tiny and i mean tiny! we drove it through a local park on the path as it cut 25mins off of our journey, down ally’s, anywhere that looked wide enough (we were young and stupid back then, but it was funny as hell seeing peoples reactions as you pop out of a public footpath in a car 🙂
    And they are light too, one person can easily lift one side of the rear off of the ground with just your hands.

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