WTF Fridays: 10 Crazy Youtube Street Racing Crashes


This is a little cross contamination from my other blog, Random As Rhyme, but I feel the post fits Stance Is Everything really well and a lot of the crashes are of the wtf how did that happen or wtf were they thinking variety. And with the recent local new story of a Lancer driver going 130k over the posted speed limit this weeks WTF Friday fits.

I’m sure most of you stance readers have either  seen or heard of a street race in our time, lets all just be thankful none of them ended up like this.

Local Bonus!
I was called out to drift the ring this night way about in around 2006, Jamaicans don’t like the rain however so I stayed my ass inside. I regret it because I would have loved to see this in person.

10. We will start this shebang off with a good old engine failure. No crash but I bet the repair bill wasn’t cheap.

9. Two civics, one parking lot, tons of space, and yet they still manage to find each other.

8. This one is kind of hard to see but, a typical situation. Person A passes Person B then person B passes Person A, this goes back and forth until they actually race happens, or this.

7. Mis-shifted himself right into the ditch.

6. Flipping a car off a race track is normally a hard task, unless you lack the common sense that tells you not to do a burn out on a slant. I bet dad is pissed.

5. This type of thing happens often, since a lot of the spectators at street races are paying attention to a lot of things other than the race that’s going on. This guy probably got a call from his mom to come home and forgot where he was.

4. Oversteer can be a bitch when you are not ready for it. I feel bad for the people in the other lane.

3. Could it be that the above happened to two Mustang owners on the same day on the same corner?

Nah… right?

2. This one is really, really old, but still to this day I am not really sure how he managed to ball up a burn out so bad that he had enough forward momentum to carry him uphill into the Jetta and do so much damage to it. That takes some sort of skill.

1. Number one is the longest one but by far the funniest. The way these two geniuses try and deal with the problem by staging an accident at the end is just too much.

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