WTF Fridays: Two very strange things


The world is a very, very strange place and will continue to be strange with or without the internet, the internet just makes it easier for strange stuff to be passed from person to person. While I’m not sure if that is a good thing it is at least something and it means WTF Fridays will be going for a long, long, time.


I’ll tell most people I love cars, but I don’t love cars, not like this. During the course of a restoration on his VW beatle this lad fell in love with his car to the point where he needed to express his love sexually. He uses a condom, the exhaust pipe, and his imagination to get the job done.

The weirdest part is that he bought another car he considers male and is experimenting with a gay mechaphile relationship…WTF?

WTF?? Seriously
Looks like he should have spent more time restoring less time diddling

Flairs – Truckers Delight

This animation is super well done and loosly car based and very loosely based in reality. It contains animated nudity and sexuality so if your work is really tight wad might be best to watch at home.

Site Updates

This weeks been pretty textbook sent out the last batch of stickers I had on Monday so pretty much everyone who asked for them should be receiving theirs soon. If I didn’t email you and say we were out (and I only had to tell that to one person) then expect some soon.

Even though no feature this week traffic was still pretty good and I have a few fans a lot farther away than I expected. I’m planning to write another article for Monday since it’s been awhile and I already have next weeks Theme Tuesday all sorted out so onwards and upwards!


  1. to each his own, at least its not like a mailbox or something. Well, Ingo can’t see that shes being cheated on, I’m just wondering what would happen if either car got into an accident, what would his reaction be?

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