Youtube is on to me…


I’ve noticed that whenever I go to youtube that my recommended videos are of slammed cars, bmx, and girls.Is big brother watching or am I just that predictable? Either way I guess I should thank youtube for the content today since I am slammed at work and could only offer a little hit and run.

Randys e30

I posted about Randys e30 two weeks ago with a shorter video but here is a longer one

Hopping Uhauls

Funny I just mentioned Rich Boy yesterday…

Low VW Bus’s

Never really see these around here but it’s a good thing the oil pans in these buses are nowhere near the ground.

Nasty Fasty

How this guy got his girlfriend to ride with him I will never know, my gf hardly wanted to ride in my truck

Murdered out VIP

Vip cars done right are things of beauty, even if they push pebbles.

Draggin Golf Cart

Stance everything, once again

Ok back to work…


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