Drift Union – It’s Dope


Logan and Shawn from Full-Lock / Drift Union recently had their cars re-sprayed matching purple so that they will be hard to miss while ass out on the track. Logan was kind enough to link me to the pictures of the new paint jobs via twitter so that I could share them with y’all.

Watch out for these to all over British Columbia and at this years All Star Bash.

Logan’s Legacy

Matching air freshener is awesome
If it cant be fixed with zip ties it cant be fixed
Where the magic happens

Full setup specs can be found here on Drift Union

Shawn’s RX-7

Seating for one
Loud pipes save lives
Your beer tap shifter is now obsolete

More info on Shawn’s ride can be found here at Drift Union

These cars will look great sliding together
Logan nailed his fitment
Partners in crime

Yes they slide

Best of luck to these guys this season and if you want to keep tabs on them check out both Full Lock and Drift Union.


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