Theme Tuesdays: Classic Toyotas


I got home late last night from the Toronto Blue Jays home opener (they lost) & therefore had to hard drive dive for today’s Theme Tuesday since I have not had time to finish the e30 touring, or 190e Theme Tuesdays yet.

After a few cycles through the photos on my drive I noticed I had quite a few classic Toyota’s, enough to fill today’s post at least, so here they are some Corollas, Levins, Cressidas, and Supras.

Nice clean Levin to kick things off
It's weird I am a fan of white letter tires but glad you don't see them all the time
Car show on carpet, don't see that all the time
If it's not Cali its Hawaii bringing the heat
Nice lookin litte yota
Big rimmed Cressy
Another big rimmed Cres
This one showed up in all of my searches and for good reason, clean looking ride
Another Cress off in the Carib some place
Gotta thank my friend Brad for putting me onto Cressidas
Powdered toast man!
Nice shot from Mr Burroughs
I love this generation of Supra
Immaculate looking 84, those wheels are NIIIIICE
This could have shared wall space with my Countach poster


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