We could of got these….


I remember the first time I was on a message board and saw someone speak highly of a Ford Escort, I thought they were crazy, until they posted a picture.

It was then I realized that for whatever reason the North American market really got the shaft when it came to Escorts.

We could have got something cool.

Damn proper looking Ford, love the boxy flares
Tuckin tire, draggin flap this car is serious

But alas we got these


Thanks Ford?


  1. unless your rocking a bda rs1800 no mk2 escorts came with arches my dad had 2 rs2000s one in road speck and on in rally speck 🙂

  2. we got mustangs, I don’t mind that as much. But over in europe their cars from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s (I’m looking at you Fiesta’s, Polo’s, Granada’s, Chevette’s, Droop snoots, Manta’s, Brasilla’s) were MUCH better than the cars here in america, which were choked by fuel standards. We got cars with large V8’s that only made a measely 200ish HP.

  3. @Infamous the red one I posted has potential but not as much as the UK ones IMO

    @ollie rub it in 😛

    @joe you are right.. we did get mustangs… I can’t imagine not getting those, but ya big low hp v8s make me sad.

  4. @joe we didnt get the brasillia dudethats a centeral american classic! and the good stuff we have arnt fiestas and polos there alfa gtj’s fiat 131’s and 500’s renult 5turbo and maxi turbo mini’s volvo amazon’s i could go on for a long long time oh our mustang was the 3ltr for capri and if you wana see some super cool euro fords google zak speed capri or escort!

  5. @ ollie, yea i’ve seen a few of zak speed capri’s and escort’s when I am able to get my hands on some euro mags. I’d have to say the one thing I envy not being able to find here in the states are austin mini clubmans. Across the pond you guys do some pretty sweet things with 4 cylinder Pinto’s, you’ll see an occasional fox body with a 4 banger here in the states, but not often.

  6. the problem with the pinto is it weighs tons and you can only realy get 180bhp (on euro fule probaly about 160 in the america) out of one so power to weight is no were in the same league as a rover v8 (turned down by buik because thay didnt trust the all aly construction used in tvr’s landrovers marcos’s rover sd1’s and just about every thing ever)or a rover ksearies(what you get in lesser caterhams and the mk1 lotus elis) wich are every were just like pintos and go like stink and wight fk all in fact there are loads of escorts with rover v8’s in them as you can have an easy 350bhp for the same weight as a 180bhp pinto!

  7. The rover V8s had an alluminum block didn’t they? I’ve also have seen a few Capri owners that have stuck in a 5.0 fox body V8 as well.

  8. yes thay did daimler,chevy,rover,(and in new zland sorry for the spelling) mustang units are comon place conversions for capri owners who want to go drag racing in the 70’s in south africa a company called pirana wer raceing ford v8 powered capri’s (thay did some granadas too) to great sucsess later on thay also bult chevy firenza’s that used corvet mills !

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