Theme Tuesdays: Mazda 3s Part 2


It’s been awhile since Mazda 3s have been the subject of a Theme Tuesday. The last one for the naturally aspirated 3s was in September 2009 and the boosted Speed3s last got their time in the spotlight July of 2010.

Since then a lot has changed in the land of Mazda 3s.

A whole new generation was released with a lot of people jumping ship to the happier generation and those who have stayed with the first gens are pushing the limits in regards to ride height and aggressive fitments.

If only they didn’t rust…

Fist generation hatchbacks, sedans, and speeds

From the Lower And Wider crew, nice clean stance and fitment
From the same group this three has custom widened front and rear flares but the side profile is my preferred view
My friend actually had this photo blown up for me and it is now mounted in my office
Dominant Engineering camber have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the 3
Perhaps one of the most unique and recognizable 3s ever put together belongs to Rocky of Royal Origin
This car is retired to street duty now but spent a lot of time tearing up autocross courses
This car is a big reason I am a fan of RPF-1s
Another autocross car... more RPF-1s coincidence?
Stationary shot
Not a mask, Wills actual face
This car you've probably seen recently but not like this...
...probably not like this either (my favorite stage)
...this look however ran across the internet fast
Kosmo Kramer the assman
This sedan from Lower And Wider has very nice custom bumpers front and rear
I've posted this speed before, incredibly nice and simple
Killin' it out in Hawaii
These wheels work much better than I expected on the 3
The last time I posted this car it was on purple LMs
This car... this car a few revisions previous
The difference in camber is a bit much for me but there is no denying those wheels look great

Second Generation

The second gens can go quite a bit more aggressive
I know Shea is planning to go more aggressive next year as he got this setup together near the end of the season then took off to BC (jerk)
Ivy league student
I don't know a lot about this car but I like what I see

Note: I didn’t include JDR’s because I featured it, and I didn’t include Sum Thai Guys because he got his own post here and I don’t think he is really messing with it anymore.

Really there are a lot of cars I left off but there is always room for part 3.


  1. Never really gave these cars much thought until this post as when it comes to HBs I am a vw guy for obvious reasons. TBH they are very fresh when done right.
    Good post.

    -Keeping it Neil

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