WTF Friday: What are these?


It’s been a long, long, time since we’ve played the WTF Friday guessing game since I have more Importfest tickets to give away now is the perfect time to do one.

The first person to correctly identify the make and model of the four cars below will win two tickets to this years Importfest taking place August 25th.

Entries will only be accepted on this post via comments (and not by facebook or email) and the tickets will be available for pickup at the ‘Will Call’ window day of the event under the Stance Is Everything List.

Good luck!

1952 Nash Air Flyte
simca 1200s
toyota sports 800
otas 820 gran prix

Site Updates

There is a minitruck event tomorrow but the weather looks particularly terrible so I am not sure if I will make it out. Hopefully the weatherman is way off on his predictions.

Content wise I’ll have a new feature from abroad up next week and another give away as well.

Flashback Friday

Damn this car looked good just like this.


  1. it’s gonna bug me that I couldn’t find that one lol.
    probably best I didn’t win…Toronto is juuuuust a bit of a drive. O_O

  2. First car is a 1952 Nash AirFlyte
    Second car is a Simca 1200 coupe
    third car is also a Simca 1200
    fourth car is a Toyota Sports 800

  3. First car is a 1952 Nash AirFlyte
    Second car is a Simca 1200 coupe
    fourth car is a Toyota Sports 800

    Third is an Otas 820 grand prix ****


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