WTF Friday: Ten Amusing Drift Fails


Let me preface this post by saying that I can’t drift. When I had my e30 I could get the ass out a little bit but actually holding a sustained controlled drift in anything other than snow? Not really.

Why? Well to be frank I didn’t want to ball up my car like the individuals in this post.

After watching the now famous e30 pole video I figured gathering up a few more drifting fails for a WTF Friday wouldn’t be all that bad of an idea.

10. FWD doesn’t work (unless you’re this guy)

There are a ton of fwd drift fails on YouTube but this one is pretty much straight to the point. An e-brake initiated romp into a pole in less than 30 seconds.

9. Snap Oversteer

This isn’t a drift at all but it’s still a pretty big fail, and perhaps one of the most memorable examples of snap over steer (and erroneous correction) since the famous MR-2 crash from 2000 and some odd.

Poor Lexus. Prius is expendable.

8. F-the Police

This one starts off pretty bad ass, and if the driver had actually got away in the end he would be forever heralded as an Internet legend.

Sadly it seems like cartoons are wrong (again) and circling the same object over and over is actually a pretty piss poor way to avoid someone who is pursuing you.

7. Look Ma One Hand!

Looking back I bet the driver wishes he had both hands on the wheel.

I hope the guy standing behind the pole went out and bought a lotto ticket immediately after this. Pole saved his life.

6. Entry Speed

Have to commend this driver for having one of the highest entry speeds in this entire post. He was completely committed to the drift, until it went horribly, horribly wrong.

At least if he gets the kit fixed he only had to pay to paint it once. I wonder if the guy behind him was any better?

5. Bucking Bronco

Can’t really fault the owner of this e30. He took his car to the track (which is the safest place to learn) but unfortunately for him his track of choice seems to use speed bumps in it’s run off area.

4. Cruise Control

This one is bad and if I recall the driver was fairly injured after getting run over by his own car.

I wasn’t going to post it at first but it does give an opportunity the successful rendition (with two e30s no less!) beneath it.

3. Rob

Classic maxbimmer video right here. Rob ‘drifts’ his old M3 into Randy Sparre’s nitrous fed Civic Wagovan jokingly known as the ‘egg’.

Rob later went on to sell his m3 and buy two CRX’s. Not sure which of the two he is having a harder time living down.

2. Competition Worthy

This is the only video of the bunch where the driver actually displays an incredible amount of skill, it’s just kind of misguided.

I’m not going to preach and say that I’ve never witnessed, or appreciated, streeting but this is a little excessive.

According to the owners of the video Giorgi (driver) ended up losing his license as someone reported him to the Police.

1. 30 Seconds Of Fame

The two main reoccurring themes in this post are poles and sadly e30s. This video has both.

According to a recent post on Jalopnik the owner had just finished saving for an S52 swap too. Divine intervention?

I’ve heard light standards are very expensive to pay to repair.

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Flashback Friday

Sorry about all the wrecked e30s. Here’s a super clean one from Montreal posted in April of 2011 to make up for it


  1. Driver of the M5 in the second to last video totally deserved to have his licence taken! All the other fails were in parking lots or tracks, or other deserted areas, that moron was flying down busy crowded roads, endangering hundreds of lives. I don’t care how skilled he is or thinks he is, it does not give him the right to drive like that! No one is expecting a car to come flying by like that and he could have easily gotten into an accident with another vehicle or someone crossing the street! I was really wanting to see him drive it off the road in the last mountain scene!

    Its people like that that whom are responsible for the high insurance rates guys pay for modified cars, and for the negative look that society gives most car guys, and why the police harass modified car owners significantly more than others. Makes me sick to see assholes like this parading around thinking they are so cool.

  2. I fully agree with Oskar. All the other videos the drivers just got it wrong (except the 2 cars/1 driver, that shouldn’t even be in this post), but this loser in the M5 did it on purpose.

  3. Oh I don’t disagree that he deserved to lose his license. That’s what landed him here as a fail not his driving skill.

    Most of what he did in that video could have gone pear shaped incredibly easily.

    (I just needed an excuse to post that video Phil)

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