WTF Friday: Dwarf Mercury


Sometimes I come across builds that leave me completely floored in every way imaginable and this dwarf Mercury is one of those builds. Originally intrigued by it’s small stature I set out to find more info and what I thought to be some sort of fibreglass reproduction was actually quite the opposite.

This Dwarf Mercury known as the Rebel Rouser, is a completely hand built steel vehicle built by Ernie Adams.

Built over the course of five years Ernie made everything from scratch except for the spotlights and mirrors and powered by a Toyota engine the ‘Rouser can hit highway speeds with realtive ease.

Looks like a normal sized car here until you start paying attention to the background

With someone crouching beside it you can really tell something is off here scale wise
Here the size of the car is obvious
I wonder if these kids thought it was a damn good looking Power Wheels?
The man himself and his creation

I could say a lot more about this car but I think the six minute video below does an excellent job of showcasing Ernie’s, hard work, craftsmanship, and ingenuity.

I’m never going to look at a fridge door the same way again.

Ernie’s built a few more ‘dwarf cars’ so be sure to check out his site for more info.

Site Updates

My car is currently sitting in the International Centre right now as part of the MegaSpeed Custom Car and Truck Show and I will be there Saturday afternoon and some point on Sunday and I’ve currently got all the product that’s left in the store in the car at the show so if you want anything find me there.

Lots of coverage next week!

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