Theme Tuesdays: Works In Progress


Since the dawn of time ‘under construction’ has been one of the most over used terms in the car scene. Most cars with this proudly displayed on their wind shield or bodywork are either never really under construction or are never going to actually going to get finished. Forever stuck in a half primered state of being until they end up in the scrap yard.

Works in progress however are different. How? Well works in progress generally seem to either get finished or get parted out and are spared the sad fate of purgatory.

Today’s Theme Tuesday is a salute to works in progress, may they all get finished.

It’s been a minute since Kevin has worked on this but good things take time
Not sure the current status of Oliver’s Z, he’s been rippin’ a CR-Z around lately
I’ve had this picture saved for so long now that it may in fact already be completed
I honestly can’t remember where I got this one, or what this is set to go under..
Wish I knew where this originated, I think tumblr somewhere..
I’ve posted this build on the fanpage several times and you can follow it here
I want everything in this photo
This too is probably finished by now
The famous Pimp Palace Customs mid mounted minitruck. Video build updates are here on YouTube
This build in all it’s glory can be followed here, well worth the 64 pages
A wide body e36 build that I thought had stopped forever three times over
Bagged 2002 build from the AirSociety Forums should be quite proper when wheels touch down
No clue where I grabbed this but I sure hope it gets finished
At last check progress on this car had stopped….for now
Nigel is basically a god.
Follow his god like work at


  1. That jetta is amazing! I’ve been watching it from the start and can’t wait to see it finished. Such attention to detail 🙂

  2. Man I haven`t checked the thread on that white BMW in forever, it sure has come a long way! I think he’s doing most of it in his driveway too… and that Camaro garage… drool!

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