Theme Tuesday: Limos


As I am sure many of you have noticed a few of the more recent Theme Tuesday posts have been a little oddball.

The reason for this is that while your typical chassis, or model, based Theme Tuesdays are easy enough to do (and will always have their place) they are not exactly the most creative or inspiring.

Since I value the fact that so many of you come back week after week, just for Theme Tuesday posts, I like to keep things interesting which means occasionally taking the road less often travelled and hunting for the bizarre. That journey outside of the box leads a lot of places and this week it lead to the world of modified limos.

Due to it’s strange nature this post has actually be in the works for awhile, and actually originally started off as a bit of a joke. Things all changed when I stumbled upon a few seriously bizarre, and seriously cool limos.

If I were to get married all over again I might try and track down one of the limos in this post.

I originally thought this 300c was a Photoshop
But after finding a few photos of it I was thoroughly convinced it was real
I had a bit more trouble finding more photos of this limo… looks pretty rad though
XB Limo built for SEMA a few years ago
This Sienna was done by Toyota for their ‘Swagger Wagon’ campaign
Juiced on wires is fairly common when it comes to  modifying limos
Pimpin’ since pimpin’ been pimpin’
Only thing that would make this better would be a Dayton continental kit
It’s actually a little surprising how many of these there are
Not sure if there is such thing as a limo semi truck… but I can’t think of a better place for this
Also not sure the best place for this, as I suppose you could technically just call it an extended cab and not a limo but it’s crazy either way
This is pretty crazy, though it looks as though it might be bowing a bit in the middle
Imagine for a second this was static? It would be so difficult to maneuver…
Benz limos came up quite a bit
This one was part of “No Pokemon shit” and I’m not sure if it was ever completed
Lose the vinyl roof and the chrome arches and I’d rock the hell out of this
Heck it even looks like there might be a mural on the trunk
Most certainly the cleanest of all the Benz limos in this post
Viper Limo from SEMA in 2012
Things get more than a little weird from here on out
There are evidently a few of these running around. This one was carbed and backed by a 5 speed… apparently the mileage wasn’t terrible..
This is comprised of 2 DX sedans
MR-2 Limo.. flip up doors….. Japan is the only possibility
I’ll just let this one sink in…
Junction Produce Cedric Royal… VIP to a tee
Porsche 920 limo… does it get much better?



  1. Cool Post, the MR2 is just a little to weird.

    I think you may of found a pair in those 300C. Both have Australian NSW plates one is BABY01 and the other BABY02. So perhaps a Limo company.

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