Theme Tuesdays: Import Powered Hot Rods


I’ve never really bought into the idea that a car of any type “should” have one particular motor or another. I feel that the motor choice is solely up to the owner, and while there might be more standard, easier, cheaper and convenient options I admire those who go the extra mile to be creative or use a motor they had on hand.

Some people might disagree with the motor choice in the end, but ultimately hot rodding is about using what you’ve got on hand to make something better and unique. That and a lot of loud noises and tire smoke.

Today’s Theme Tuesday celebrates those who have broken the unwritten rules by using Japanese motors in their American hot rod builds.

Start things off with this Rambler wagon, a unique chassis to start with made more unique by the use of a rotary motor…
…in this case its a twin turbo street ported 13b – Source
Pretty unassuming little Ford
This Ford right here is a classic example from SEMA a few years back. It looks like you’e fairly standard ’32 highboy
Until you look inside
Except for the z33 motor that is…
Another SEMA build this one doesn’t look quite as traditional as the one above
It’s hard to see but that is indeed a 2J
Space was a bit of an issue so some of the plumbing came into the cabin
Info on this one is pretty scarce but, and it looks a little terrifying but I would recognize that valve cover anywhere
The turbo hanging off the side is a nice touch too, might as well overdue it if you’re going to do it – Source
This is pretty clever, this is a t bucket, done pretty traditionally, but the motor isn’t quite there
The motor of choice here is a Datusn L series straight six, which actually looks quite at home truth be told – Source
Sorry for the postage stamp sizing, but it was hard to find something current on this wicked two seater
Though a lot of effort has been put in to hide its true origins this motor is actually a Datsun 260z motor there is a fun thread about this car here on the HAMB, through a lot of people for a loop
Obviosuy this post wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of this f20 powered model A that took the internet by storm about this time last year
It has a new owner now, and thanks (no thanks) to Instagram’s no longer chronological feed I’ve lost track of it. Any help?
Going to end things off with the rotary powered speedster esque build that inspired this whole thing
The boys at The Dub Dynasty spotted this one and it’s truly wild
Looks like it would be an exhilarating ride too

Did I forget any? Let me know in the comments below!


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