Theme Tuesdays: Non Typical Hot Rods


I’ve done uncommon low, and uncommon low riders so the only natural progression of the oddball Theme Tuesday series is less than typical Hot Rods.

It’s pretty cool to see the hot rod aesthetic applied to such a wide range of vehicles. In some cases in might look a little weird but in most it’s actually quite awesome.

This has been on my computer for a few years now waiting for me to figure out how to post it. I don’t really have any information on it however
A little more manageable (But still monstrous) is this military Dodge based hot rod
More on this can be found here and here
More on this can be found here and here
This is a 1952 M37 Dodge Power Wagon given the hot rod treatment
This is a 1952 M37 Dodge Power Wagon given the hot rod treatment
The first of a couple Jeep based Hot Rods
Clever plate here, and probably a little bit true
Being a postal Jeep this has fairly unique proportions but it’s not too bad and incorporating the post box was a nice touch
The most famous of all the Jeep based hot rods
Rodzilla is a 29.3 litre 12 cylinder Studaker bodied monster of a hot rod built by the Blastolene Brotherhood
If the name Bladstone sounds familiar it is because they also did the 'tank car' owned by Jay Leno
If the name Blastolene sounds familiar it is because the same group of crazy fabricators also built the ‘tank car’ owned by Jay Leno
Built by the same people ‘Bertha’ (which is admittedly a bit of a stretch for this post) was originally a fire truck…
Still one of the coolest Miatas I have ever seen


This looks so damn right it’s just incredible. The Hot Rod Magazine feature on the truck is here


  1. I want to the the front of that first truck so bad, and I’ve been drooling over that last one since it came out!
    Great post!

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