Theme Tuesdays: Vibrant Performance/Speed Academy Retro Header Build Off


Usually I reserve video based Theme Tuesday posts for the end of month ‘Recently Viewed’ round up, but I am making an exception this week for what, in my opinion, is a stand out series of videos put together by Vibrant Performance And Speed Academy.

As you’re no doubt already well aware, I am a big fan of both of these local content outlets and an even larger fan of this series where they’ve faced off against each other to build custom headers for their classic cars.

In Vibrant’s corner Aaron Weir is building a header for Art’s BMW 2002, while in Speed Academy’s ‘California’ Jay is building a header for ‘Connie’, Dave’s 1977 Toyota Celica GT.

Both take a different approach to the project, Vibrant’s is a bit more of a one off creation and Speed Academy’s is set up to be a part that could be replicated, exactly, several times over.

As a basic fabricator I like the trial and error approach of Vibrant’s method, but as a bit of a tech geek I appreciate the technical approach behind Speed Academy’s approach.

The entire series isn’t quite done yet, so when it is I will update this post, but it is certainly worth catching up on if this is your first time hearing about it.

If you can recommend any further videos of the same vein I’d love to see them.

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