WTF Friday: Volvo, Toyota, and Chrysler – Will it Blend?


It’s been a long time since a truly WTF Friday worthy photo set has popped up in my timeline but this collection most certainly fits the bill.

The base for this project –that can only be described as unique– appears to be a Volvo 240 which the owner widened (reportedly with all metal) pretty significantly in order to fit what look to be genuine HRE wheels.




The front end is mated with that of a first generation Chrysler 300c seemingly just because it could be done, and under the hood the factory Volvo mill has been replaced with what appears to be a Toyota 1JZ.



All in all one heck of a strange car that is reportedly not seen all that often.

If anyone’s got more info you know what to do…

Photo Credit: Chris Mo


  1. There is a guy I see at the local junk yard all the time with a Pacer that has a bunch of crazy body work like that. I dig the engine swap in this and the widebody but the front end and taillights kill it…

  2. Just saw this car today at Cars on King. I talked to the owner who was sitting behind another car watching people try to figure out what it was. Definitely something I’ll have to snap pictures of if it’s at Autofest.

  3. I used to work in the unit beside this guy. He is a really nice guy and his car is a joy to check out….especially cause we are both volvo guys. I would drop the details on where it is but first I’m going to drop by and talk to him. Its been in calender’s before also.

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