WTF Friday: Like A Sir


Ever want the feeling of driving a Nissan S13 without looking like you are driving an s13? Maybe something with a little bit more class and some vintage flare to seperate you from the skid racers?

Well then perhaps the Misuoka Le Seyde is for you.


The Le-Seyde is a limited run (500 units) car built on the Z13 chassis that resembles the Zimmer Golden Spirit (a car which itself is based on a Mustang).

Generally Misuka’s seem to stay in Japan but someone managed to get one sent across to BC and it’s currently for sale on Autotrader for $14,850.







In case the ad goes MIA here is the description:

A production Car from Japan , maybe a handful in Canada . Will stop people in their tracks to take a second look. When you drive this car people will be turning their heads. The release was limited, only several hundred units of each model were produced; the demand for them was guaranteed.

In May 1990 Mitsuoka released an original Le-Seyde model; its 500-unit issue was sold out in 4 days.

Someone should buy it and slide it because that too is something they do in Japan.

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