WTF Friday: Wife Don’t Like It


Didn’t really have anything in mind for this week’s WTF Friday (read: saw something Monday, forgot what it was Thursday) so I went with the old reliable method of putting ‘Rat Rod’ into Kijiji and clicking until something popped up.

This is what popped up, a door-less, convertible, Geo with a Rolls Royce ish front end.

icantitsageo1 icantitsageo4

Quirky if nothing else this little Geo is also ready for all weathers via a soft door/top combo.



I wouldn’t recommend rolling it over however as this just might be the scariest roll bar/ roof support ever.


Why is it for sale? Well after using it for their wedding the sellers wife proclaimed ‘she don’t like it’.

Happy wife, happy life right? If you feel like taking this burden off the owners hands it is for sale here.


  1. Car was shorten? Two sitter? Ownerships? This guy isn’t the brightest bulb, is he?

    Can’t imagine why the wife “don’t like it”…

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