Theme Tuesdays: Uncommon Subarus


The matte green SVX I posted on Facebook (and below) as a teaser for upcoming coverage from Canibeat’s First Class Fitment lit the torch for this week’s Theme Tuesday that sent me to all corners of the internet.

This week’s post isn’t as deep as some, but hopefully the obscure variety of Subarus in this post that are not that are not Legacys, Outbacks, or Imprezas makes up for it.

Picking a starting point for a post like this is a little hard so how about a render of an early first generation Subaru
This '75 isn't all that low but Imagine it were?
This ’75 isn’t all that low but Imagine it were?
From what I can gather these rusted out something fierce which would explain why they were hard to find modified
They look pretty damn cool though…
The only Justy I ever saw in person was fairly unsafe, but a heck of a fun beater, this one looks safe and pretty neat actually
And this particular Justy was a salt flat racer, it managed 123.224, and it did so on a 1L motor due to class requirements
This Brat was featured on Speedhunters and it wears its battle scars with pride
Couldn’t resist including this one… even if it is lifted, that flex!
A subject of a magazine feature a few years back this Subaru 360 Van is fairly well-known
I can’t for the life of me remember what’s in this 360 Van but I know it isn’t stock
Here's another 360, or perhaps even the same one at an earlier stage?
Here’s another 360, bit of a ’70s custom van vibe here, and wheelie bars out back suggest something with some power
Japan Delivering like only Japan can with this 360 hot rod built by Soul Art N Rod
Japan Delivering like only Japan can with this 360 hot rod built by Soul Art N Rod
Here's a rear shot courtesy of Speedhunters
Here’s a rear shot courtesy of Speedhunters
Pocket Rocket 360, again from Japan and again from Speedhunters
Can’t recall where I grabbed this one from, some obscure post about Japanese cars no doubt
One last bit of fun from Japan in the form of a Kei truck
And now an SVX onslaught
This is actually a drift car, and a very good-looking one at that
In the event you didn’t believe me
I believe this was the worlds first bagged SVX
Whether or not this is the same one I’ve yet to determine
Close things out with this awesome Baja owned by @wheelandtorque



  1. that lifted brat looks to have solid axles…maybe laid on top of an ladder frame from another 4×4. Serious flex though.

  2. Does anybody know how to get the effect, like on the green svx?
    I’m talking about copper wheels.
    Is it a paint or what?
    If it’s a paint, plz let me know about paint code and brand.

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