WTF Friday: Tons Of Potential Or Tons Of Junk?


Craigslist can be full of deals, but often there are a lot of projects on there you really should stay away from if you value the contents of your wallet. The truck I am posting today just might be one of those.

The ad is long dead now but this extended Toyota Hilux was available in Greensboro North Carolina.


The idea of an extended cab dually isn’t new, and can look pretty damn good, but the execution here leaves a little to be desired. Yes it does have a lot of positives like the body drop and finished suspension (presuming they are done correctly).


But the cowl hood, abrupt angles, and curiously proportioned rear doors lead me to believe a lot would need to be done if your vision doesn’t line up exactly with the owners.


However maybe I just can’t see the diamond in the rough. What do you guys think, is the juice worth the squeeze in this case?


  1. I think it would look a lot better with a front bumper…balance out that grill/light surround and proper concave out front dually wheels. maybe a 4bt and a hood stack with a rain cap to top it all off.

  2. $5000. It’s a no from me. Definitely see potential if it was all one colour, finished interior, and a bit more refining.

  3. …”a lot would need to be done if your vision doesn’t line up exactly with the owners.”

    Ha, I’m not sure that the owner even had a vision that lined up with anything. Although I appreciate the effort

  4. i think he just took a set of front doors, turned them around, flipped sides and “bolted” them in. Defintley has potenial w/ a 90’s mini paint job and some “proper” dually wheels, re done cowl and a Duramax… damn i wish i could tavk it down now

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