Theme Tuesdays: Rear Engine Conversions


It’s really no secret that builds a bit outside of the norm get a lot of love here on Stance Is Everything and this week the idea to do a Theme Tuesday on mid/rear engine converted vehicles popped into my head and just wouldn’t leave.

Instead of fighting it I decided to go with it and as a result ended up pretty deep down the Google rabbit hole looking for a diverse selection. There have been so many vehicles converted from FR to RR that a sixteen vehicle list hardly breaks the surface but it is as good a place to start as any.

Expect a part II before the year is out.

The Audi turbo six powered ‘GTI RS’ was first posted it in 2010


I didn’t realize it until today but this is the same build I got to see four years later at SEMA
It’s almost unanimously agreed upon that the Del Sol should have been a mid engine car from the factory. The size and proportion are right and it could have been a great MR-2 type car for Honda
After a few years with the turbo b16 in the front of his Del Sol the owner of this car moved it to the rear of the car

The result:

When these photos first surfaced mid last year the internet stopped. A mid engine Cavalier that is also RHD and tube framed? Insanity
The owner has kept at it and every photo of this car is better than the last

It also puts down 405 whp…

Cab over engine typically means exactly that, the cab is over the engine…
…but not in the case of this truck were a 5.9L cummins sits behind the cab. This truck was also famously built in 10 days by WelderUp. Apparently the whole thing was shown on Discovery Channel as well
This Acura Legend powered CRX has its motor mounted mid ship

It was also widened considerably to make it all work and the topic of a WTF Friday post in 2015
This rotary powered Beetle panned MKI was also the topic of a WTF Friday post
And a SpeedHunters feature here
Yet another from the WTF Friday archives this e30 has very little under the hood aside from a fuel cell and master cylinder (but certainly not inner fenders)
That’s because this…
…has found its way where Aunt Mabel would normally sit
Rediscovering these photos on the weekend actually kicked off the idea for this post


I’ve never seen this truck again but it left a lasting impression
This crazy looking Ford from Ohio was in the basement of the Detroit Autorama two years in a row
It has quite the spartan interior…
and right behind the driver sits this little number

Still looking for more info on this one so if anyone has some I’m all ears
What you’re looking at is the 1978 Street Machine of the year, a mid engine 442 1978 Oldsmobile
Love the idea of gauges visible from the rear view above a blower


Everything was availbiel to buy in the 70s inclding universal mid engine subframes designed to work with the Olds Tornado transaxle
Everything was available to buy in the 70s, including universal mid engine sub-frames designed to work with the Olds Tornado transaxle, more info about the Olds 442 is here and it is still around today
A Tornado transaxle also found its way into this 68 Camaro


I quite like the look of this car actually, a bit dated but not bad over all. A full feature is here

Much to my delight mid engine trucks are very much a thing

This project was sold but I think it went in one piece... at least I hope it did
This project was sold but I think it went in one piece… at least I hope it did
These v8 powered Holden is certainly no joke
And the stretchy/sketchy truck was pretty famous
And the stretchy/sketchy truck was pretty famous

It unfortunately rolled over late 2015

In a some what similar (though less potent) version of the Stretchy truck this C10 is bagged and the owner loves burnouts.

Contributor and friend Chris Johnston caught wind of my Theme Tuesday idea and suggested I close things out with this. Good idea Chris!


  1. you should check out @pipey_mcgraw Instagram, if you haven’t done it already. He’s the guy with that mk1. Right know there’s some interesting chassis swap going on 🙂 not rear engine though, but still interesting – they’re combining old vw k70 with Vw Passat with W8 engine (i think it has awd too)

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