Theme Tuesdays: Chevy Suburbans


This Theme Tuesday had an interesting progression, originally I started out looking for first generation s10 Blazers, then I got sidetracked by K5 Blazers that naturally lead to K5 Suburbans which hung me up on Suburbans in general and here we are.

I didn’t limit this post into a particular generation (but I did organize it by generation) of Suburban but there’s a chance that might happen in subsequent posts based on the feedback from this one.

Spotted this beautiful example at SEMA in 2014. Love the Rootbeer paint job
Spotted this beautiful example at SEMA in 2014. Love the Rootbeer paint job
Metallic red interior with white piping to match the red steelies and white walls? Perfect
Really like the frenched headlights on this truck, and while I’m usually not a fan of chops on these trucks this one seems to work pretty well
This driver was spotted at the ELTA summer bash, great finish, pinstriping, and paint
A rare moment of more grand clearance making it to the site
These trucks are a shining example of “so much room for activities”, even with a notch or raised floor there’s so much cargo room
Personally I have not seen many with this particular front end
Another wicked SEMA example spotted on Saftey Stance
I’m slowly learning I should have never said anything about not liking this particular generation of front end.
Call me crazy (wouldn’t be the first time) but I see some sort of twisted potential here
So mean, so raw (and technically a Yukon)
Two tone Blue, on Blue, good look
Two tone Blue, on Blue, good look
If you build it, someone will inevitably race it
This truck was actually the turning point that said “I need to post Suburbans today”
The perfect road tripper via Truck Trend

Like I said a little scatter-brained this time around, but should I pick this one up again what generation should I start with?


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