Theme Tuesdays: Big Motor/Small Car


A quick tag in a video by @safteystance, along with a photo tag on Facebook by VR6S14 Trevor really kicked off this week’s Theme Tuesday.

Sure most of the stuff here isn’t low, and isn’t new, but trust me there will be a lot of that coming when the Fitted Lifestyle Coverage starts tomorrow evening.

Until then enjoy some very skewed power to weight ratios!

This tracker was more or less the inspiration for this post. ‘Never Enough’ indeed
Somewhere among all this chaos there seems to be a bag set up too

The ‘Bad Seed’ is one of the first, big motor/small car examples I was ever exposed to 15 years ago…
Firewall and most of the floor optional
I actually did a Morris Minor Theme Tuesday in 2011 that was a lot of builds like this
This z600 comes from a 2013 WTF Friday post
Really wish it were possible to here and see this car move
Mild Tune on Ethenal this car dyoned at 1536 HP and 1224 foot pounds.
1500+ HP ethanol sipping AMC Gremlin from Megaspeed a few years back
That's a Little Field 10-71 Blower you are looking at
That’s a Little Field 10-71 Blower you are looking at

This Gremlin is part of a wheel stand contest, and I think it is winning
A&D Performance’s Vega
Narrow rear end is narrow

This big block smart car was quite the rage a few months back
The guts, for those of you wondering if any smart was really left under there

Now I know there is a very famous big block Civic, but I didn’t want to post that one so I found this one instead
Looks like it might be a weee bit of a handful

This might not be the smallest car, but the motor is quite massive and true to Aussie from the burnout is incredible.

Close things out with this little motor on wheels


  1. How about an australian streetmachine or burnout car theme Tuesday.
    500+ci,16/71 blowers 20+ inch wheels and show quality paint are the norm and this is all just to pop 225 tires in less then 3 minutes.

  2. I’ve actually seen the civic posted at the end. It’s from Atlanta GA or somewhere close. I saw it at the nopi nationals back in 2007 and 2008. It was at the time exactly as pictured above, and the owner drive it to the show (licensed insured and registered) and had a cooler bungee strapped to the wheelie bars. It was awesome. Thanks for the tag!

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