Theme Tuesdays: ‘Tis The Season 2017


Christmas! Very suddenly it is less than a week away. If you’re like me, and still have shopping left to do, coyly raise your hand without your family or significant other noticing.

The holiday spirit is certainly in the air here, but the ground is a different story. It’s a slushy mess outside that nobody really enjoys. None the less Christmas is on its way.

This year’s holiday focused Theme Tuesday is almost equal parts photo and video. Hopefully you enjoy.

Featured ride owner Bob Ward in a Christmas themed photo shoot a few weeks back
A very lowrider Merry Christmas via Capitol Santa Cruz
The lowrider guys actually seem to be all about celebrating Christmas properly Photo: Citizens Journal
The Lunatics in New York do a yearly Christmas Cruise, details of the 2016 Cruise are here
Amazon Prime cant compare to Santa in a Dragster Via: The H.A.M.B

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As always all the best to you and yours over the holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

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