Theme Tuesdays: First Generation S-10 Blazers/Jimmys


I did a bit of foreshadowing about this post a few weeks ago and anyone who’s been reading the site for longer than a year –or knows me personally– is well aware that I am a huge first generation (or square body) Blazer/Jimmy/S-10/Sonoma/Syclone/Typhoon fan. One of the first vehicles I ever saw that was significantly lower than stock was a Blazer and since then I’ve been hooked.

Despite the fact that my Blazer project went absolutely terrible I still love these trucks and have a few different versions built in the garage of my mind.

So with all that said, a Blazer Theme Tuesday is long, long overdue.

This was one of my favourite builds to follow, everything on this truck is done right
The tail light conversion is flawless and if you scroll back up the shaker hood that is installed works as expected
A local truck that seems immune to rust
Accurate plate is indeed quite accurate
One of the best things about Blazers is that they don’t need a lot to look good, oem wheels plus an altitude adjustment and you’re good
I used to be really against four doors but as time has gone on I’ve learned the error of my ways
I think this was from Detroit Autorama… I think
Locally  this is easy top 5 for me. Apparently it's recently been resurrected as well
Locally this is easy top 5 for me. Apparently it’s recently been resurrected as well… hopefully I can catch up with the owner this year


Love the monocromatic treatment of the grill and bumpers combined with the paint accent below the body line on this truck.
This truck applies a similar look, but with an added bad ass power plant


Evidently they make pretty good lowriders too


Minitruckers love their front end swaps and this C10 swap is fantastic
And the Silverado front end on this Blazer helps balance out the insane motor and rear wheel set up


This truck is pretty serious and a feature on it can be seen here
It also received a bit of a makeover, and that feature can be seen here
Nice and clean early style 2 door Blaze
Taking things back to 2009 with these photos…
With some  get up and go
… not often you see a 454 under the hood of a Blazer
This of course transitions well into the fact that Blazers can do much more than just lay about looking cool

This truck is full of win
When it comes to sheer function Butch King’s Blazer is probably the most notable
Butch beat those fenders into submission
It was essentally a Blazer on a Nascar like chassis, I say was because I believe it was wrecked beyond repair
This is the only hill climb Blazer I have ever seen more should exsist
Still though its one of the best Blazers ever, simply because of the video below

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