WTF Friday: Birds Of A Feather


Before kicking into this week’s WTF Friday I’d like to apologize for the unusually light week here on the site. Sometimes life well has a way of, well, being life and this little passion project gets pushed to the back burner, doesn’t happen all the time but it happens.

However because I am too stubborn to let a week pass with no Theme Tuesday and no WTF Friday here’s a quick one.

I’ve seen the gray e36 clipped CRX below before, and there’s actually a pretty good chance I’ve posted it before too.


I actually don’t at all mind how the conversion on this car looks. It flows pretty well considering the potential for terrible with cross breed swaps like this, and while the orange accents are not my thing its not terrible.


After seeing the car above I had however wrongly assumed that it was the only one of its kind when actually it is one of two.



This second car uses an aftermarket BMW front bumper and, in my opinion, doesn’t flow nearly as well as the gray one, but the work looks like it is also done pretty well. What I’m really curious about is how far apart these cars are from one another and whether or not one influenced the other or two people just happened to have the same idea.

If you have any info (or more examples) let me know in the comments.

Looping back to the intro I do keep Instagram and Facebook fairly updated if you need your Stance Is Everything fix.


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