WTF Friday: Damn Son, How’d You Miss This?


While I was composing the recent SAAB Theme Tuesday I stumbled upon an extremely different drift car built by West England based Urchfab.

I was a bit confused as to why exactly a space framed Ford Anglia based, hot rod like, vehicle kept coming up in SAAB searches until I clicked through and realized that under the hood er… behind the grill shell, sits a turbocharged SAAB motor.


The body, which is pretty much just a cab at this point, had the rear portion cut off when Matt took possesion so it was welded up from there. The rest of the components consist of whatever was available free, or at a cheap cost.

The project was built over eight hard-working months where Matt admits he obsessed over the car. As one would expect a lot of this car is custom and since Matt had dreams of competing with the car under any sanctioning body he had the freedom to do literally whatever he wanted.


As to be expected the car had some teething problems its first few outings culminating in a bit of a bang up seen in the video below

However Matt got the build back together after that little tussle with the barrier.


The Motor Life did a feature on the vehicle, and they are responsible for the beautiful shot I opened with along with the glamour shots below.

Urchfab-1953-Ford-Popular-with-Turbocharged-Saab-Engine urchfab-rat-rod-drift-machine

Carfection also put together this video of the car in action.

Despite the amount of time spent going sideways Matt actually says the car still grips too much for how short the wheel base is.

However Matt has a plan for that and I really look forward to seeing where he takes the car,his still maintained and active build thread is on, so follow along if you’re interested!

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